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About Us

Keeping it Live uk ! is an event company that promotes the light entertainment industry through the means of a national showcase.

Keeping it Live uk ! staged it's first national showcase in Blackpool in February 2008 and continues to push the boundaries of a professional showcase highlighting talent from across the UK and abroad.

Blackpool 2018 marked our 10th anniversary, doing two shows a year, every year except when we had to close down over the lock down. We than had a choice to make and either stick with January and November or use that time to change to better dates for everyone so the change it was, we now hold our shows in June & November both held in Worcestershire which is easy for everyone as it's straight off the motorway and we are looking forward to this season's shows.

We are lucky to have one of the best crews in the business who ensure that the show runs smoothly as we are here to help you showcase your act and for the clients to find what they require for their venues .

We have a company that takes live photos of your act while they perform and also another doing video footage so this really is a one stop shop so remember there is ....


Nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity.


' Don't Delay Book On Today '

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