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Live Backing

Keeping it Live uk ! gives you the chance to perform truly " live " using the 
Keeping it Live uk ! Showband - these guys are truly awesome - widely acclaimed as probably the best in the business !

Musical arrangements

Signature Musical Services ( Music Charts/Dots )

Click the link to email Mark or call him on 07906 653530

If you have any queries or would like some advise about using the Keeping it Live uk ! showband for your performance you can email our Musical Director Mickey Watson by clicking the icon.

Keeping It Live uk ! is the only national showcase which gives you the opportunity to perform with a live band. This is very useful experience if you’re looking for work on cruise ships. We have an awesome 4-piece band of experienced guys who are ready to give your performance that extra bit of magic.


If you want to use the band for any or all of your songs, you need music charts; these charts are for Keyboard, Guitar, Bass and Drums. 


Please let us know in advance if you want to use the band, and having copies of the music in advance (pdf copies are fine) will help us greatly. If you’re bringing printed copies on the day please make sure the pages are taped together and not left as separate sheets!


If you need any advice on any of this please call me (Mark Dawson) on 07906 653530 or email I know this is new to some of you and may be a bit scary to take on board but I’ll be happy to talk you through it so you have a great performance. I also have vast catalogue of ready-made charts which I can do a good deal on if you don’t already have them for your songs.

Watch the band in action providing live backing for one of the acts, by clicking on the video below

 Mickey Watson

      Paul Smith

     Jerry Sallis

    Andy Power

Keeping it Live uk! theme tune

If you don't want to wait a year to hear the Keeping it Live uk ! theme again 

why not download your own copy 

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